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There are many different types of ultrasound transducers. See our product page:

Naming Convention of Ultrasonix™ Transducers[edit]

The frequency response of the probe is coded in the naming convention of our transducers. The lower and higher cutoff frequencies are the two numbers separated by a dash. For example L14-5/38 means that the lower cutoff frequency of the transducer is at 5 MHz and the higher cutoff frequency is at 14 MHz.


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Transducer Specifications[edit]

The information about the supported probes are stored in a file called probes.xml which can be found in \Ultrasonix\Exam\config\ folder. The xml uses nested tags, the descriptions of which can be found here. Other specifications such as the material types and dimensions and sizes of the matching layers and backing layers and the piezo elements are propitiatory to our vendors. Please contact your transducer vendor for more information.

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