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Texo is a development toolkit that allows for lower level control of the ultrasound system for functions such custom beam sequencing, RF data acquisition, and better transmit and receive control. Custom sequences can be created by setting both transmit and receive parameters for a single scanline. The ability to set per-scanline parameters make Texo a unique tool to develop with. Texo acquires the corresponding RF data that can be used for further processing.

History and Versions[edit]

Texo was developed in 2006 for the Sonix RP system, and was initially going to be a graphical program called Sequence Builder. It made more sense to build a full SDK, and Texo was thus born. Though there have been numerous updates to Texo over the years, the updates have been relatively minor, and the same functionality that was available upon initial release has not changed much. Version 2.0 will be on a different codebase to have better support on the SonixTOUCH, whereas version 1.x was focused on the Sonix RP. The latest version also implements the DAQ SDK for interfacing to the SonixDAQ device.

PDF Download[edit]

Download all Texo SDK documentation as a PDF

Main Topics[edit]