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Using the SonixTABLET system is quite simple once the functions and basic concepts have been learned.

Operational Modes[edit]

There are two general modes of operation that the SonixTABLET Research can run; Clinical Mode and Research Mode. Clinical mode puts the system in standard diagnostic mode without any research capabilities, and Research Mode puts the system in a mode where special parameters and imaging modes can be accessed. To switch between the two modes, ensure the following steps are performed:

  • Press QSonix button on the console to enter the QSonix screen
  • Select the probe and preset
  • Press the Research button (the button with the magnifying glass) on the touchscreen to toggle to research mode

SonixTABLET Layout in Research Mode

When Research Mode is active:

  • The message Investigational Use Only will be displayed on the ultrasound image
  • The system software will look like a Microsoft Windows™ application with a title bar and minimize/maximize/close buttons
  • The Microsoft Windows™ desktop is active for use like a PC

When Clinical Mode is active:

  • The system software will cover the entire monitor and access to the Microsoft Windows™ desktop will not be possible

SonixTABLET Button Controls[edit]


  • The QSonix option can be used to start a new patient exam. Follow these four steps in QSonix:

Programmable Custom Keys

  • The 1 and 2 keys on the control panel can be programmed.
  • Go to Menu->Administrator->Custom Keys and modify the settings from the 'Custom Key 1' and 'Custom Key 2' tab menu.
  • Usually key '1' is set to 'store locally' to store .png screen shots of the image. The key '2' can be used to bring up the data storage dialog by selecting the 'Record Cine' option under the Custom Key 2 tab.
Custom Keys

Parameters Menu

  • The parameters menu can be customized so that frequently used imaging variables can be dragged and dropped to the first page. To do this, select the parameters button on the left hand side control panel and click on the "pencil" button to bring up the list of parameters to drag and drop.
Parameter Selection

Favorites Menu

  • Frequently used imaging modes and parameters can also be saved into the favorites menu (the button with a star) for added convenience.
Favorites Menu

Time Gain Compensation (TGC)