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SonixEmbrace is a new Automated Breast Ultrasound Scanning (ABUS) research tool. Using a 360 degree rotating concave ultrasound transducer, SonixEmbrace captures volumetric images of the entire breast tissue. Integrated with the Sonix Research package, the system captures gigabytes of raw data, which is ideal for automated volumetric breast imaging for different research applications.

SonixEmbrace is designed to capture natural, uncompressed images of the breast. The patient lies face forward on the bed while the rotating ultrasound transducer captures up to 800 slices of high resolution ultrasound images. Once collected the data from the scans is downloaded to the ultrasound platform in raw RF or B image format. Volumes may also be rendered in 3D viewing software or on a stand-alone desktop application.

SonixEmbrace captures images of a full breast in two to four minutes. Compared to freehand ultrasound systems, the SonixEmbrace system is at least five times faster and less prone to imaging variations caused by differences in scanning methods.

Here are some quick specifications that the researcher should be aware of before using the device for research:

  • ABUSTransducer
    • Number of elements: 384
    • Center frequency: 10MHz
    • Sampling frequency: 40MHz
    • Radius: -120mm
    • Element height: 1mm
    • Element pitch: 300um
    • Foot print: 115mm
    • Frames per volume (360 degree): 400 to 800 frames

Data Acquisition with ABUS[edit]

ABUS Volumetric Images

With ABUS you can acquire

  • 16 bit RF data from the entire volume (400-800 frames),
  • Pre-scan B mode images from the entire volume (400-800 frames), and
  • 3D reconstructed volume.

Advanced signal processing algorithms such as elastography can then be applied on these data tyeps. In addition to the B and RF data acquisition, the SonixDAQ™ can also be plugged into the SonixEmbrace to capture pre-beamformed volumetric images for shear wave imaging, ultrafast imaging, or photo-acoustic applications (Ultrasonix does not provide laser setup).