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Exam 6.0.3[edit]


Temporal Shaping[edit]

The temporal pulse shape of the CDI scan lines can be chosen by the user. The pattern of the pulse is loaded from a file called pulses.txt which can be found in \Ultrasonix\Exam\config folder. The index of the chosen pattern from this file is set through

  • Color Pulse Shape

The positive and negative amplitudes are determined through the positive and negative voltage indices:

  • Voltage+
  • Voltage-

These are typically lower than the values used for the B-mode imaging due to the faster energy deposition in the tissue in CDI. The conversion between the indices and actual voltages can be found here.

Transmit Beam Forming[edit]

Since the CDI sequences have a faster energy deposition in the tissue, in order to meet the safety limits, the aperture used for the transmission is reduced. Tx Aperture Cutoff cuts the aperture for CDI transmissions. This is to reduce the acoustic output when the default calculated B-mode transmit aperture is too big for a CDI transmission.

  • Tx Aperture Cutoff