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3D images can be acquired using the 3D/4D software package. To begin acquiring, press the 3D button and select either the 3D or 4D option. Adjust the yellow box over the region of interest. Press update to begin capture. If the 3D option is selected, the motor will stop after one sweep. When the 4D option is selected, the motor will continue to sweep until the freeze button is pressed.

Selecting the 3D region of interest
Sample volume

Data Capture[edit]

When the image is frozen, capture a volume using the save option on the touchscreen. A thumbnail with a box will appear on the bottom of the screen once a 3D volume has been saved. Clicking on the thumbnail will open the volume in the 3D engine assuming it is within 24 hours of the scan.

3D Thumbnail

Data Format[edit]

The volume data with a .3dd .3dv file extension are saved in the same folder location where regular print screen images are saved D:\PatientInfo\:

  • The .3dd volume file contains the raw 2D images (not scan-converted) used to construct the 3D volume.
  • The .3dv volume file contains scan-converted 3D volume data.

A Matlab reader for all these data types are provided in the SDK\Matlab folder. For more information see Matlab Imaging Modes.

To construct volume from the .3dd file you need to apply scan conversion in the x-y and y-z planes. An xml file with extension .3dd.xml is saved along with the volume data. The xml file contains additional volume information which is shown below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<Params xmlns="">
  <FourD class="_3dParams" datafile="volume.3dd.xml">
    <img_dims cx="438" cy="297"/>   
    <microns_pp cx="164" cy="164"/> 
    <roi bottom="0" left="0" right="0" top="0"/>
angle between frames = <volume_angle>/(number of frames - 1)
angle between scan lines = <frame_angle>/(number of lines - 1)

Probe specific parameters that are used for scan conversion (such as probe radius and motor radius) can be found in the probes.xml file located in the directory C:\Program Files\Ultrasonix\Exam\data\config\. An example for the 4DC7-3 probe is shown below.

 <probe enabled="1" id="15" name="4DC7-3/40">
        <vendor name="Vermon">
          <partnumber cableexit="left">00.035.071</partnumber>