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Our top photos from the last 24 hours. Astronomers have identified a second set of odd radio bursts from the distant universe. Aliens probably arent causing it, but what is? The release of a recording of an underrated composer and a Schubert recital were among the highlights. Officials said the number of American troops might actually increase in Syria, to help protect the final withdrawal a process that is still expected to take at least four to six months. Energy giants and conservative groups have been aggressively pushing Trumps rollback of fuel efficiency rules for automobiles, a Times investigation found. A government crackdown on fuel theft has left Mexico in crisis. So how did it get here? A selection of books published this week; plus, a peek at what our colleagues around the newsroom are reading. Premier League stars N'Golo Kante, Eden Hazard and Virgil van Dijk have been voted into UEFA's Fans' Team of the Year 2018. Kante and van Dijk are making their debuts. Weighing about a pound, a new tumbler from Norlan features grooves to aid in muddling cocktail ingredients. David Nevins, the new chief content officer at CBS, promoted two lieutenants at the CBS-owned cable network behind Billions and Ray Donovan. Verified cases of child abuse in Florida occurred at higher rates on the Saturdays after the release of report cards at public schools, according to a JAMA Pediatrics study. Companies founded by cooks are designing clothes for all body types as kitchens move away from formal apparel and a boys club mentality. The Goldman Sachs board of directors is supposed to keep management in check, but Reuters' blogger Felix Salmon says it is stacked with company insiders, conflicting interests and inexperience. (October 15, 2012) The turret-shaped lounge sits atop the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn. Chris Pang, Jordan Rodrigues and Natasha Liu Bordizzo are a few of the actors seizing opportunities in Hollywood after Crazy Rich Asians became a hit. As elections near, the governments National Clean Air Program promises big change in cities, but says little about how that can be achieved. If the face a teenager presents to the world is marred by prominent lesions of acne, the ordinary stresses of adolescence can be that much more difficult to weather. Readers respond to recent issues of the Sunday Book Review. Airbnb is doing surprisingly well in China, even as tech companies like Uber exit. Its business model complements Beijings push to lower rents and track citizens. Sharon Lam and Pete Sweeney discuss what the company has gotten right. Major league home run leader Khris Davis and the Oakland Athletics avoided arbitration on Friday when the slugger agreed to a one-year, $16.5 million deal, according to multiple reports. <a href=>Pioglitazone Online Money Order</a> <a href=>Pioglitazone Buy Now Australia</a> <a href=>Pioglitazone 2mg Cheap Prices</a> <a href=>Pioglitazone To Purchase</a>