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Software Upgrade[edit]

The following is the standard software upgrading options

Note: For some special SonixTouch™ and SonixTablet™ hardware configurations, the software (not the OS) can be upgraded to the 6.1.x version. These are typically the systems with Intel i5 processors. Keep in mind that, once you upgraded your systems to 6.1.x, you need to also upgrade your licenses. So after you upgraded you need to send an email to rpsupport with your System ID and Serial Number and ask for new set of licenses. You can find more information about new licenses on Licensing.

Hardware and OS Upgrade[edit]

All the new SonixTouchPlus™ and SonixTabletPlus™ systems will run on Windows 7. Currently we do not offer a software solution for upgrading the operating system from XP to Windows 7. However, we do offer hardware upgrade solutions. If you like to know more about upgrading options, please contact Service Department by sending an email to support@ultrasonix.com.