Tx/Rx Timing

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Exam 6.1.0[edit]

SequencerB is our main sequencer in the exam software. In this version, the txDelay ins applied only once. The hardware/software timing is as follows:

TimingDiagram SequencerB 6 1 0.jpg

SequencerCustom is behind the Texo. In this version, the bug with customLineDuration is fixed. User can determine tempoBeforeShoot.

TimingDiagram SequencerCustom 6 1 0.jpg

Exam 6.0.3[edit]

The hardware/software timing for sequencerB which is our main sequencer is as follows:

TimingDiagram SequencerB.jpg

The hardware/software timing for sequencerCustom which is the Texo sequencer is as follows:

TimingDiagram SequencerCustom 6 0 3.jpg