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The SonixTouchPlus is a diagnostic ultrasound system packaged with an Ultrasound Research Interface (URI). The URI is an interface that allows for:

  • The use of operational modes not available on a purely clinical system
  • The retrieval and modification of low-level parameters used to generate ultrasound images
  • The acquisition and storage of raw data in a variety of formats

In addition to the URI component, the SonixTouch Research also has the ability to run special research tools for performing tasks such as:

  • Transducer prototyping
  • Connecting to the system through a network for parameter setting and data capture
  • Low-level ultrasound beam sequencing and control
  • Development of commercial ultrasound applications running on the Sonix platform

Here are some quick specifications that the researcher should be aware of before using the device for research:

  • Hardware
    • 128 element transducers (64 on phased-arrays)
    • 256 transmit channels (128 on both positive and negative)
    • 64 receive channels
    • 80 MHz transmit delays calculation clock
    • 40 MHz receive sampling clock
    • 14-bit ADC
  • Operating system
    • Windows 7
  • Software
    • Exam 6.1.x
    • SDK 6.1.x

Important Notice[edit]

Given that the SonixTouchPlus Research is designed to give maximum flexibility in the way of programming the ultrasound parameters, including transmission parameters, caution must be used, and the ALARA principle should be followed at all times when scanning human subjects.

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