Matlab Imaging Modes

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Starting version 6.1.1, a folder inside Matlab directory in the SDK \MATLAB\ImagingModes that contains sample data sets with all the Matlab files for reading, processing, and visualizing the same data set. Inside this folder you will find the following folders:

  • B-mode Imaging,
  • RF Imaging,
  • Harmonic B-mode imaging,
  • M-mode imaging,
  • Harmonic M-mode imaging,
  • Elastography and Strain Imaging,
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler Imaging,
  • Continuous Wave Doppler Imaging ,
  • Color Flow Doppler Imaging,
  • 3D and 4D Imaging with Exam and Propello,
  • Parallel Beamforming and Ultrafast imaging with DAQ,
  • GPS coordinate acquisition,
  • 3D volume reconstruction using GPS data, ...

For each imaging mode you just need to open the runMe.m function inside Matlab and run it. Sample outputs are displayed below:

Sample 3D and Elasto Matlab Display
Sample Matlab B mode Display
Sample Matlab M mode Display
Sample Matlab Color Doppler Display
Sample Matlab PW Display
Sample Matlab Beamforming