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Exam 6.0.3



The beam angle for the M-line can be adjusted through:

  • Steer


The mono (m-mode only) or duplex (m-mode plus b-mode) sequence is chosen through:

  • Mode

The line segment (gate) over which the M-mode data is acquired and the image is generated is determined by:

  • M Line
  • M Line Depth
  • M Line Size

The rate at which the line will be scanned is determined by:

  • LRP

The Line Density of the B-mode image is determined through:

  • Line Density


The layout of the screen (relative position of the B-mode and M-mode images) is determined by the provisional Screen Layout. This parameter does not do anything in this version of the Exam software. The zoom of the B-mode image can be changed through the Initial Zoom. The tint of the m-mode image can be changed through Chroma. The Scroll Mode determines how the m-mode image is swept: like an oscilloscope trace, or continuously running.

  • Scroll Mode
  • Initial Zoom
  • Chroma
  • Screen Layout