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Exam 6.0.3[edit]


Changing the optimized preset settings through Color FR will load default values for the other parameters, specially the two Line Density parameters:

  • Color FR

Transmit Beam Forming[edit]

The beam steering angle is determined through:

  • Steer

Temporal Shape of the RF Data[edit]

The down-sampling rate applied to the RF data is determined by RF Decimation.

  • RF Decimation


The number of lines used in the CDI sequence for the entire width of the transducer array is determined by the CLD which stands for CDI Line Density. For the B-mode section of the sequence, the Line Density determines the number of lines:

  • CLD
  • Line Density

The extents of the CDI box with respect to the B-mode image, is determined through Color Box. This parameter also determines the sequence of ensembles that is programmed, as the Color Doppler sequence is only acquired for this box.

  • Color Box


The data is down-sampled a second time, after it has been converted to I/Q data. The sampling frequency of the I/Q data is determined by CSF (CDI Sampling Frequency):

  • CSF