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Exam 6.0.3[edit]


The optimized/default parameters can be loaded for different CDI imaging sub-modes such as color Doppler, power Doppler and flow imaging through:

  • Color Mode


The number of scan lines (line density) in each ensemble is determined by Ensemble. The CDI box is divided into ensembles of width equal to Ensemble, each of which can be acquired at a higher frame rate.

  • Ensemble

There are four pulse repetition periods listed under the parameters in this menu. The first PRP serves as a requested PRP by the user. The actual PRP is computed based on this requested number, the minimum possible PRP in the current settings, and if in triplex mode, the PRP for the PWD mode. The result of this computation is the PRP Color parameter. Changing this parameter from the interface does not change anything internally, and it will be updated once the requested PRP changes.

  • PRP (first one)
  • Color PRP

The same duo, requested and actual PRP, exist for the dual CDI imaging

  • PRP (second one)
  • Dual Color PRP


The image to be generated is chosen through Mode, 0=Color Doppler, 1=Power Doppler, 2=Tissue Doppler, 3=Color Flow, 4=Power Flow.

  • Mode


The CDI image overlay can be displayed or hidden by changing

  • Color Visibility