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Exam 6.0.3


Changing the preset transmit setting through this parameter will load default values for the other parameters:

  • B-Freq

Temporal Shaping

The exam software can send up to two temporal pulse shapes (A & B) for each scan line. (The software can send many more pulses of the same temporal shape but with different focal distance, for the same scan line. see ...) The pattern of the pulse is loaded from a file called pulses.txt which can be found in \Ultrasonix\Exam\config folder. The indices of the chosen patterns from this file for the two pulses A and B are set by these parameters:

  • Pulse Index A
  • Pulse Index B

The pattern can be repeated a number of times. By default, the pattern is repeated just once. The number of repetitions is determined by:

  • Pulse Repeat

The transmit frequency is set through the parameter:

  • Tx Frequency

The positive and negative amplitudes are determined through three parameters. The positive and negative voltage indices:

  • Voltage+
  • Voltage-

and the Power. The actual voltage index is Voltage(pluse/minus) - (15 - Power), where 15 is the maximum index value.

  • Power

The conversion between the indices and actual voltages can be found here.

The two wires connected to the transducer elements can carry offset voltages, determined by:

  • Voltage Offset+
  • Voltage Offset-

Transmit Beam Forming

The aperture opening for different depths is determined through:

The transmit focusing can be turned off to achieve a plane wave transmission through:

  • Plane Wave


The frequency displayed to the user on the screen is determined by User Frequency. The value is usually selected based on the transmit frequency and selected filters, but can have any value.

  • User Frequency