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Exam 6.0.3[edit]


Changing the preset frame rate setting through this parameter will load default values for the other parameters:

  • Frame Rate

Transmit Beam Forming[edit]

The beam steering angle is determined through:

  • Steer

Temporal Shape of the RF Data[edit]

The depth of imaging determines the time duration for the recording of the RF signals:

  • Depth

For pulse inversion harmonics:

  • Fast PIH Mode
  • Fast PIH Mode Out(B)

The down-sampling rate of the RF data is determined by:

  • Decimation

Receive Beam Forming[edit]


The number of lines used in the sequence for the entire width of the transducer array:

  • Line Density
  • Line Density (HD Zoom)
  • Line Density (B/HD Zoom)

Accumulator determines the number of times a scan line should be repeated in the sequence (For averaging and/or PIH), the RF data for these lines will be averaged automatically. If Fast PIH mode is turned on, a default accumulator = 1 is used.

  • Accumulator
  • Accumulator Out (B)

The percentage of the width of the transducer that is used for imaging. The sector is always centered with respect to the transducer array. The actual number of lines that are used in the sequence can be found by multiplying the Line Density by the Sector. The Sector can be set to more than 100%, in which case additional scan-lines are programmed on both sides of the image with beam steering to increase the field of view.

  • Sector

The range of angles for the acquired scan-lines will span (-Extension Angle/2, Extension Angle/2) which will be added to the steering angle. Please see the following figure.

  • Extension Angle
  • LD Adjust