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Exam 6.0.3



Gives the pre-adjustment number of focal depths. Focus Count of 0 means Auto Focus (AF). The Focus Count is not the actual number of focal depths used. See Focus Count Adj(usted)

  • Focus Count

The actual number of focal depths in the sequence. This parameter is adjusted automatically for PIH to reflect the presence of the two pulses. However it can also be ajusted manually to a different number than Focus Count.

  • Focus Count Adj

Transmit Beam Forming

The spacing between focus markers

  • Focus Span

The spacing between focus markers (adjusted for harmonic/non-harmonic imaging)

  • Focus Span Adjusted

The depth of the central focus marker

  • Focus Depth

The 1st to 8th depth of focus in auto-focusing. Auto-focus is activated if Focus Count is zero.

  • AF Depth[1..8]

Sets auto focus position 1 to 0.

  • Auto Focus Pos 1 Off

Temporal Shape of the RF data

  • AF Lineduration