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== Specific Setups ==
== Specific Setups ==
*[[Visual Studio 6.0 Setup]]
*[[Visual Studio 2010 Setup]]
*[[Visual Studio 2010 Setup]]
*[[Qt With Visual Studio 2010 Setup (SDK 6.x)]]
*[[Qt With Visual Studio 2010 Setup (SDK 6.x)]]

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In the past, Ultrasonix released it's SDK packages with project settings for Visual Studio 6.0, our base developing platform. Currently, we now use the CMake system to generate workspaces and projects. Because of the use of CMake as well as the large selection of compilers available, no project files are included with the demo SDK programs.

Generic Setup

Some basic setup steps to ensure the SDK programs compile properly out of the box:

  • Ensure the include path includes ../../inc
  • Ensure the link path includes ../../lib, as well as the actual link-to file is set as sdkname.lib
  • Ensure the output path includes ../../../bin, and that the executable gets output to this directory, or the directory where the SDK DLL files reside

Specific Setups