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There is an abundance of imaging parameters that control the system. These parameters, are documented here.

Research Menus[edit]

Research Menu

In addition to the parameters that can be adjusted from the console and touchscreen, there are many research menus that contain lower-level parameters that play a role in image formation and processing.

In order to be able to access the menu, you need to have a research license installed and activated on your system. Moreover, the Exam software should be switched to research mode. Once in research mode, you can bring out the menu by moving the mouse to the extreme right or left side of the screen.

A research menu is split into 3 areas:

  1. The parameter list
  2. The parameter description
  3. The current menu title

When a parameter is clicked on, the description will update on the menu. To change a parameter value or the active menu, highlight the parameter or menu title and use one of the following to scroll:

  • Mouse wheel with externally plugged-in mouse
  • Audio knob on the Sonix RP or Sonix MDP systems
  • Menu Param button on the SonixTOUCH touchscreen


B Brightness Mode
CDI Color Doppler Imaging
CWD Continuous Wave Doppler
PWD Pulsed Wave Doppler
Elasto Elastography
M Motion Mode
POSTP Post Processing Parameters
RX Receive Parameters
TX Transmit Parameters

Here is a table of all the variables available in the research menu.

Optimization Menu

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