Ultrasound System SonixTabletMountable ultrasound system with a 19" touch screen

SonixTablet is a compact ultrasound system with a 19” touch screen that can be mounted from the ceiling or wall to preserve floor space. It is a portable system with a built-in handle that makes it easy to position on any flat surface. An optional rolling case is available to protect the system and for easier transport from site to site. This unique system provides the same premium image quality as higher-end Ultrasonix models. 


Customizable Touch Screen

Equipped with a configurable touch screen, SonixTablet is completely adjustable to meet a department’s imaging protocols or individual user needs.  Unlike traditional ultrasound systems, which have an array of buttons and knobs to adjust and control various features, the SonixTablet interface only shows you the controls relevant to the exam at hand. Simplify your workflow and save time by selecting a factory preset for a particular type of exam or create one of your own.  We’ll show you how. 

Dr. Ted Tobey discusses how the SonixTablet benefits his practice with the prevalence of thyroid cancer on the rise.

Stay current and protect your investment

Built on an open software platform, Ultrasonix systems are easily updated or upgraded with new technology and new features.  Unlike traditional systems with fixed functionality, your old system can be updated with help from our remote support team.

Ideal for guiding minimally-invasive procedures

SonixTablet offers excellent image quality for locating vessels, nerves, joints, and focal tissue abnormalities. Two transducers can be connected for peripheral and abdominal procedures, or abdominal and pelvic procedures.

Premium Imaging Performance

With SonixTablet, you don’t have to compromise on imaging quality. It’s the best available.


00.050.130 Rev B


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