SonixCam - The easy way to record complete ultrasound procedures

SonixCam captures the scanning procedure and the ultrasound images on video for training and documentation.It's an optional accessory for the SonixTouch, SonixMPD, SonixOP and SonixSP ultrasound systems.
Produce educational ultrasound videos

With SonixCam, you don’t need expensive production equipment or personnel.  It consists of an adjustable HD Camera that connects to a picture-in-picture feature to capture both the ultrasound image and video of the procedure in one high-quality synchronized file.  Unlike traditional ultrasound videos that simply record the internal scans, SonixCam captures hand positioning during scanning which can be useful for teaching and evaluation.  With SonixCAM, you can review work remotely and at your convenience.  You can also record training sessions that can be stored and reviewed repeatedly.

Customize each ultrasound training video

SonixCam eliminates the need for post production editing to identify your videos and provide training notes.  Using built-in software, it’s easy to add title screens before and after each video.

Document your ultrasound work

Simply press a button to record ultrasound procedures for credentialing or archiving. 

Live Telemedicine

If your Ultrasonix machine is connected to the Internet, you can stream scans to colleagues anywhere in the world. 

Common video format for online sharing

SonixCam records videos in MPEG-1 movie format, which is easy to email to colleagues.  Or you can upload the ultrasound videos to popular sharing sites.


00.050.072 Rev C


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