Opening new frontiers for ultrasound

Ultrasonix is on a mission to make ultrasound systems that are more accessible for more users.  Whether you're an experienced user with years of ultrasound training or a novice with basic knowledge, you'll find an ultrasound system that will give you the results you need.  Choose from a range of devices in various formats and price points.
Touch screen ultrasound machines


Sonix Touch Ultrasound System


Premium touch screen ultrasound machine

SonixTablet Ultrasound System


Mountable ultrasound machine with a 19" touch screen

Built with a traditional console and a touch screen panel


SonixMDP Ultrasound System


Powerful and versatile ultrasound system

SonixSP Ultrasound System


3D/4D ultrasound system


SonixOP Ultrasound System


General purpose ultrasound system

Why Ultrasonix?
  • Touch screen technology lets you customize what you see for your exam

  • Only buy what you need when you need it - you’re free to add options even after the system is delivered

  • Stay current and protect your investment -  get easy online remote support and updates of new technology and features


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