Innovative ultrasound systems for emergency medicine

Recognizing that emergency departments are typically teaching environments, Ultrasonix develops ultrasound systems that are user-friendly and quick to learn.  Our systems integrate with SonixHUB, a credentialing, billing and QA software platform that reduces paperwork and improves efficiency.
Easy to use for novices and experts

Ultrasonix touch screen systems offer a simplified interface without complex knobs and buttons, making exam selection easy.  Users can choose from preprogrammed presets or customize exams to suit the needs of the department.  The QSonix button on the console guides users through four steps for optimized scanning.

SonixHUB eliminates paper and manual processes

With SonixHUB, all processes related to entering patient data, information about the clinician scanning the patient and the results of the exam are stored in a central repository.  Ultrasound images can be reviewed for credentialing and quality control.  Administrators responsible for billing and coding can also access documentation on the same server.  Learn more about Sonix HUB.

Improve imaging of obese patients

Our Extended Pulse Imaging (EPI) technology is designed to provide greater penetration and improved contrast resolution for patients who are technically difficult to scan. The technology uses lower frequency pulse sequencing to deeply penetrate tissue and reduce noise. So you'll see better detail. 

See your needle clearly with SonixShine

Simply push one button to activate our SonixShine needle enhancement feature, which highlights the needle in-plane.  No further adjustment is required.

Portability and fast learning curve increase adoption

Ultrasonix systems are compact and easy to move from patient to patient in a busy emergency room. Optional battery power provides up to 90 minutes of power. 

Internet connectivity and remote access

Since Ultrasonix systems can be connected to the Internet and SonixHUB provides secure remote access, clinicians have the flexibility to review images from anywhere.  Ultrasonix also provides remote support to resolve most technical issues without having to send a technician.


Ultrasonix offers ultrasound systems with a touch screen interface or a traditional console with options suitable for emergency medicine. 

SonixTouch Ultrasound System for Emergency Medicine SonixTablet ultrasound system for Emergency Medicine